Elective caesarean check list

PDF available: Anaesthesia for Caesarean Section – Patient Information Sheet
Translations: Arabic (عربي)Chinese (Simplified, 中国人)Chinese (Traditional, 中國人)Farsi (فارسی)Hindi (हिंदी)Japanese (日本)Korean (한국인)

Confirm time of surgery

Ensure you have been contacted by the Birth Unit the day before your surgery to confirm a time to attend the unit. If not please contact directly.

Blood tests

Blood tests before your operation are mandatory and will be arranged to be performed 1-2 days before the scheduled date of your surgery. These blood tests will include a Group & Hold, and they need to be taken at the pathology lab in your own hospital.


We advise 6 hours for solid foods and 2 hours for clear liquids – this can include water, non-pulp fruit juice and black tea/coffee.

Usual medications

You will have been advised by either your Obstetrician or your Anaesthetist what to do with your usual medications. If you have diabetes you may also be contacted by an Endocrinologist by phone with instructions for managing your sugars. Please contact the Birth Unit if you have any questions.

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