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  • 6:00 PM – Registration open
  • 6:00 to 6.45 PM – Snacks and mingling (prospective trainees meet current RNSA Registrars, Provisional Fellows and Consultants)
  • 6:45 to 7:30 PM – Presentation and Q&A session with Heads of Department, Head Supervisor of Training, Senior Registrar and Trainee Representatives

(Details for the upcoming 2025 SRMO information night are being confirmed – please check here for updates!)


Further information regarding 2025 Anaesthetics SRMO position:

In 2025, there will now be 2 Anaesthetic Critical Care SRMO positions, in addition to general Critical Care SRMO positions. We will be advertising for 2 full-time positions. Each position will consist of 6 months of clinical anaesthesia and 6 months of ICU. Candidates will not be required to have prior anaesthetic experience. Applications will be accepted from JMOs who will be PGY3 or higher at commencement of the 2025 clinical year.

Further information regarding 2025 Ryde / RNSH 12 month position:

We are in the process of finalising a new 12-month ANZCA-accredited position across both Ryde and Royal North Shore Hospitals which will commence in 2025. We will be advertising for 2 full-time positions. Each position will consist of 12 months of clinical anaesthesia time. This will provide an opportunity for trainees to complete introductory training and also prepare for the ANZCA Primary Examination. Trainees will rotate between institutions throughout the year.

Ryde Hospital has a 3-theatre operating theatre complex which is supported by a Level 4 ICU. Anaesthetic care is provided for both elective and emergency General, Orthopaedic/Trauma, ENT, Endocrine, Gynaecology, Plastics, Bronchoscopy and Endoscopy services.

Royal North Shore Hospital will provide exposure to Acute Pain rounds and Primary Examination teaching as well as quaternary level case mix including, but not limited to, Cardiac, Neurosurgery, Burns, Major Trauma, Interventional General and Neuro Radiology, as well as high-risk obstetrics.

Eligibility criteria for this role includes the following: (1) PGY 4 or higher at commencement of the 2025 clinical year, (2) minimum 3 months experience in clinical anaesthesia.

Key application dates:

Scheme / provisional fellow positions:

  • Positions Advertised: 24th June – 7th July
  • Shortlisting: 7th July – 14th July (interviews sent out 15th July)
  • Scheme Interviews: TBC
  • PF Interviews: TBC

Ryde / SRMO positions:

  • Positions Advertised: 16th July – 6th August
  • Shortlisting: Week of 12th August
  • Interviews: Week of 19th August

Do you accept applicants in their 3rd and 4th year of training?

Yes, we do accept trainees with prior ANZCA-accredited time. As all successful applicants will be offered a 4-year contract we are unable to guarantee that all specialty terms will be completed during the first 1-2 years of your training at RNS. Thus, you should expect and be prepared to work the 4 years as a trainee at RNSH.

What are you looking for in successful applicants?

We are looking for highly motivated, well-rounded individuals who aspire to fulfil their professional roles to a high standard. We seek trainees who interact well in a dynamic team environment, and treat patients and colleagues with respect and integrity.

What will be your 2025 interview process?

We will be returning to a more conventional interview process this year with a standard structured interview process.

Do you only offer positions to RNSH JMOs?

Not at all. We take all applications on their own merit and many of our recent successful trainees have been recruited from outside of our area health service.

What offsite and regional locations are registrars seconded to?

Within Sydney, trainees are seconded to the Northern Beaches Hospital, Hornsby Hospital, and the Children’s Hospital Westmead. All trainees are required to do a six-month regional rotation to either Port Macquarie Base Hospital or Coffs Harbour Base Hospital.

What teaching and education is available in the department?

We are committed to delivering exceptional education and training opportunities. 

Weekly primary examination teaching sessions are run by the current Chair of the ANZCA Primary Examination in addition to other consultants (including a previous Renton Prize recipient). Fellowship Examination teaching also occurs on a weekly with sessions run by anaesthetic consultants in their subspeciality areas of interest.  We have multiple consultants within the department who are either current or previous Primary and Fellowship examiners.

We also run anaesthetic registrar simulation-based teaching sessions in the Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre which is located on the RNS campus.

All the above trainee teaching is protected education time.

What subspecialty interests are offered during training?

RNSH provides exposure to all subspecialties as well as major trauma, burns, acute spinal surgery, anaesthetic allergy clinic, high-risk obstetrics, and perioperative medicine. We have a world-class Chronic Pain department, which also has a dedicated registrar term. There is also ample research and teaching opportunities available for trainees who are interested in these areas.

What career opportunities are available post-fellowship?

The vast majority of our provisional fellows who have remained in Northern Sydney have continued to receive consultant work either at RNSH, or affiliated hospitals within the NSLHD.  In addition, post-fellowship, our trainees consistently obtain regular and ongoing work within at least one the five large private hospitals in the local area.

Further information regarding parental leave:

Maternity and Paternity Leave is encouraged and offered in accordance with NSW Health Award. We do offer part-time training on a case-by-case basis upon application (this is not for the duration of training). Specialty terms must be undertaken in full-time capacity.

What mentoring is available in the department?

We have a formal mentoring program, which is overseen by our consultant Mentoring Lead. You will be assigned a consultant as a mentor in your first 6 months of your training. Following this, you will have the opportunity to select a mentor from the department for the remainder of your Basic Training period. At the commencement of Advanced Training, you will then nominate a different consultant to be your mentor.

Where can I find application details for 2025 recruitment streams on the NSW Health website?

Please contact us with any further questions.

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