Setup Display Filters in Powerchart

Initial steps

  1. Open Powerchart
  2. Open a patient record
  3. Go to Documentation
  4. Click “Advanced Filters” next to the “Display” dropdown menu
  5. The “Select the Document Types you want to see” is the area to use
  6. Follow instructions (see below) for setting Anaesthesia +/- Pain filters


  1. Follow Initial Steps above
  2. Go to ClinicalDoc > Consult Notes
  3. Select “Anaesthetist Consult – text” and “Consult Request Anaesthetist – text”
  4. Then go to ClinicalDoc > Anaesthesia
  5. Select “Anaesthesia” – this will include all the options nested inside
  6. Save and name your filter


  1. Go to ClinicalDoc > Assessment Documents
  2. For Acute Pain, select “Acute Pain Consult Form – Text” and “Acute Pain Referral Form – Text”
  3. For Chronic Pain, select “Chronic Pain – Text” and “Chronic Pain Consult – Text”
  4. Save and name your filter

To Rename a filter

  1. Use SaveAs… to rename the original filter (this will create a new filter with the desired name)
  2. Use Remove the original filter
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