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Being physically active has a wide range of benefits and is even more important when preparing for surgery. This is because it can:

  • improve your recovery
  • improve your function and independence
  • improve your energy levels
  • improve your strength
  • reduce your risk of falling, and
  • reduce your risk of surgical complications

Australian Guidelines recommend that all adults do at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity every day of the week.

A quick way to test the intensity of your exercise is the ’talk test’.

  • If you can still talk and sing comfortably, you are exercising at a light intensity. For example: leisurely walking
  • If you can talk comfortably but not sing, you are likely exercising at moderate intensity. For example: brisk walking, cycling, hiking
  • If you cannot talk or sing comfortably, you are likely exercising at a high intensity. For example: jogging, running 

It is ideal to do a range of exercise including endurance, strength, and balance training. Please speak to your GP, a physiotherapist, or an accredited exercise physiologists if you need guidance with exercising.

Reference: Exercise for Older Adults 2020,


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