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After your surgery you may need equipment or extra help to manage at home. We recommend that you organise this before coming into hospital.


  • Co-ordinating with family, friends, or professional caregivers to help you during your recovery (for example: providing transport to medical appointments, assisting with personal cares and preparing meals)
  • Preparing your home so it is safe and easy to get around (for example: removing loose rugs, rearranging furniture, moving downstairs, and ensuring easy access to bedroom, bathroom and kitchen)
  • Preparing nutritious meals in advance or arranging for meal delivery
  • Keeping a charged phone and having personal items and list of emergency contacts closeby
  • Preparing activities and entertainment to keep you occupied and productive during recovery
  • Contacting My Aged Care (MAC) to discuss potential options with home care services and home modifications
  • Purchase or hire home equipment or mobility aids if recommended by your health professional. You can purchase or hire these from hardware stores, pharmacies, and mobility aid stores.


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