Obstetric Anaesthesia

Royal North Shore Hospital is a major tertiary teaching and referral hospital for maternity services for Northern Sydney Local Health District. Over 2000 babies are born in our hospital each year.

The Birth Unit is located on Level 4 of the Clinical Services Building. There are nine spacious single room suites, as well as a dedicated Maternity Operating Theatre and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit adjacent to the ward.

Our Department provides comprehensive 24 hour anaesthetic care for women in pregnancy.  We offer a wide range of obstetric services, including pain relief for labour and delivery and anaesthesia for caesarean section. We also provide antenatal consultation and post-delivery care. We work in close association with our obstetric, midwifery and neonatal colleagues in order to be able to offer the best possible care to our mothers.

We care for well women with low risk pregnancies, as well as women who have high risk complex medical conditions, and women whose babies have medical issues.

New regional anaesthesia techniques, a variety of newer medications and methods of administration, and dedicated obstetric anaesthesia and midwifery care teams have made childbirth with regional anaesthesia (epidurals for pain relief, including mobile epidurals, and spinals for caesarean section) a safe option for expectant mothers. We have incorporated these recent advances into our clinical practice at Royal North Shore in order to provide the highest standard of care to our women.

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